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Nourished Hair Everyday

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Panchamrit Melting Strip for Hair | Mango Flavor

🌱 Promotes healthy scalp
👩‍🦱 Helps reverse hair damage
😄 Increase thickness
✨ Increases shine
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Lusting for those lustrous locks? We got you!
Our Biotin strips are made from a simple but highly effective formula of Sesbani Agathi & Vitamin A... see more

Lusting for those lustrous locks? We got you!
Our Biotin strips are made from a simple but highly effective formula of Sesbani Agathi & Vitamin A to improve scalp health, promote hair growth & become your hair’s BFF. see less
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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
My new hair-care secret weapon!

I'm so happy I discovered Panchamrit Hair Melting Strips. They have stimulated keratin production and helped to nourish my hair follicles. My hair has never looked so healthy!

Thicker, healthier hair with this amazing product

I have always been skeptical about using hair care products, but the Panchamrit Hair Melting Strips have changed my mind. They have helped promote healthy scalp and reverse hair damage. My hair has become thicker and has a natural shine now.

The best hair care product out there!

This product is amazing! The Panchamrit Hair Melting Strips have increased the thickness of my hair and added a beautiful shine. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to take their hair care routine to the next level.

A must-have for every hair-care routine!

I've been using Panchamrit Hair Melting Strips for a few weeks now, and I'm already seeing results. The strips have helped to promote a healthy scalp and have nourished my hair follicles. My hair looks and feels amazing!

This product truly delivers

was skeptical about using Panchamrit Hair Melting Strips, but they have surpassed all my expectations. They have helped to nourish my hair and promote a healthy scalp, resulting in shinier, thicker hair.


No. Our Melting Hair Strips have a sublingual delivery which means that they melt on your tongue. They can be consumed anytime, anywhere, without water.

Nope! These are designed in a way that they dissolve on your tongue and hence there are no concerns with swallowing.

Open the outer packaging, take the individual peel out, pull out the melting strip, place it on your tongue. It’ll dissolve on its own, into a tasty mango flavour! We recommend taking a break of one week after 30 days of consumption. 

Healthier, shinier hair, reduced hairfall and breakage, improved scalp health


Anyone above the age of 4 years can safely consume these Melting Strips

No. Our Melting Strips are sugar and gelatin free. We only use stevia

Yes, you can consume these strips with other health supplements. But we advise consulting your physician for usage with any prescribed medication.

Yes! With consistent usage for 6-8 weeks and depending on the intensity of your hairfall, you will see a visible reduction.

Yes, the ingredients in the Melting Strips are all sourced naturally.

Nothing! However, we encourage you to maintain consistency for optimal results as our products are formulated on the core belief in the power of compounding.

The melting strips are fast dissolving and have a much higher bioavailability than Biotin capsules or powders making them highly efficacious.