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Stomach Burning

Stomach Burning? 7 Soothing Home Remedies to Try

Maybe after eating a certain type of food, you feel a certain discomfort in your stomach. Chances are high that your stomach seems like it is on fire. A burning sensation can make you feel miserable and you need the best stomach-burning home remedies without wasting time. 

Also known as ingestion, there are several potential causes behind the group of gastrointestinal symptoms. For that, you need better probiotics for gut health. Some of the causes resulting in stomach burns are medication, food, stress, and medical conditions. Changing lifestyles and avoiding certain food and beverages can always make up for a significant difference.

In this blog, you will come to learn about some home remedies, which are easily available and can provide you with instant relief from ingestion sensation.

Causes of Stomach Burning:

Before you proceed further with the stomach-burning home remedies, it is time to check out the causes of a burning sensation within your stomach. Some of the reasons are stress, obesity, pregnancy, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and similar other reasons.

Your answer on how to stop stomach-burning home remedies lies ahead. The situation arises when the acid within the esophagus will take a reverse motion and causes the bile to come into your mouth. The kind of food you consume can produce acid within your stomach. It means eating a regular diet will prevent the situation from happening again and ensures that you live a better life.

Best Stomach Burning Home Remedies:

If you suffer from stomach burning once in a while then learning about stomach-burning home remedies is a must. Our team from Panchamrit ensures to offer detailed information, to help you gain as much knowledge as possible. For your answer on how to stop stomach-burning home remedies, 7 options are waiting for you to address. 

1. Ginger


Most gut probiotics have ginger components in them as it forms a significant natural ingredient to help remove gut issues. Ginger happens to have anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you are suffering from acid reflux or nausea, this natural root can help calm down your stomach.

2. Chamomile


Another one of the best stomach-burning home remedies has to be chamomile. It is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, which will help reduce acid refluxes big time. As per a 2006 review study, it has been found that any herbal preparation with chamomile extract in it will lower gastric acidity. This preparation is way more effective than any OTC antacids. So, now you know how to stop stomach-burning home remedies.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you want to know how to stop stomach-burning home remedies, then Apple Cider Vinegar is one option to focus on. You might be the unfortunate sufferer of acidity, gas, and burning stomach sensation. Having three teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with lukewarm water can get the gut under your control. It helps with acid reflux based on heartburn and stomach upsets.

4. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is one of the special stomach-burning home remedies and is designed as a heartburn remedy. This pantry staple is naturally alkaline and helps in neutralizing excess stomach acid. You can find its value in some of the special gut health supplements as well. Otherwise, for using baking soda, you have to drink ½ teaspoon of it mixed with 4 ounces of water. That helps in relieving heartburn symptoms.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Having Aloe Vera before some foods will supposedly relieve your stomach-burning sensations and also keep heartburn at bay. This remedy is proven to be highly effective because of the presence of anthraquinones in aloe vera. That is known to have laxative effects on your gut. 

Aloe vera also helps in increasing water content in your intestines and stomach. That helps to facilitate hydration and ensures more natural stool movements. 

6. Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Most of our mothers gave us fennel water early in the morning right after we woke up. Fennel seeds function as an effective natural remedy for combating indigestion, acid reflux, and acidity. 

Consuming a few fennel seeds after having your meal will reduce symptoms of acidity. So, you can soak them in water and then strain them and have that water early in the morning. For immediate effect, chew on some fennel seeds.

7. Banana


Consuming bananas is one of the best remedies for acid reflux. It helps you in relieving a burning sensation within your stomach. This situation arises because bananas are noted to be rich in dietary fiber and antacids. So, that helps in preventing burning sensations within your stomach and ensures relief from gas and acidity.


Now you know how to stop stomach-burning home remedies. But that doesn’t mean you have to rely on these home remedies all the time. When matter gets out of hand and these simple home remedies tend to offer no result, then visiting a doctor is a must. If acid reflux keeps on coming and you feel like vomiting after having each food, then it is a sign to visit your nearby doctor. Moving on with antacids or some natural supplements can do the trick well.

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