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Healthy Hair

Tricks for Healthier, Fuller-Looking Hair

Almost everyone dreams of having luscious, shiny hair that turns heads wherever they go. Well, guess what? It's not just a dream; it can be your reality with a little TLC and some help from Ayurveda. Let’s dive into these seven easy and effective hair care tips on how to keep hair healthy that you must incorporate in your daily routine. 

Seven healthy hair tips for you to try!

1. Eat a balanced diet

Balanced Diet

Taking care of your body from inside out is the best, most effective way to ensure not just a healthy wellbeing but also help make your hair healthy and stronger. Just like your body, your hair needs proper nourishment. A balanced diet packed with vitamins and minerals is the key. Think of your hair as your body's crown jewel, and it deserves royal treatment. So, load up on foods rich in Biotin, Vitamin E, Iron, and Zinc. Eggs, nuts, leafy greens, and fish are your hair's best friends. Including antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty acids is also essential for hair health as these help maintain scalp health, reduce inflammation, support hair growth and protect hair follicles from damage caused by free radicals.

2. Pump up the protein


Hair is primarily made of a protein called keratin. Consuming an adequate amount of protein in your diet ensures that your body has the basic building blocks it needs to create and repair hair cells. Include sources like lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, and nuts to meet your protein needs, which will help ensure you get adequate levels of protein in your diet. Make sure to ensure foods that are particularly rich in Keratin such as sunflower seeds, kale, mangoes and carrots to your daily foods.

3. Include Biotin in your diet


Out of the many vitamins essential for hair health Vitamin H or Biotin is the most important. It helps strengthen the hair shaft and further prevents hair loss. Biotin plays an important role in protein synthesis specifically, in keratin production, hence keeping both your hair and nails very healthy. You can incorporate biotin rich foods such as almonds, bananas and spinach or consider taking hair supplements which contain biotin. But did you know, biotin is not just important for hair health? Check out all the various biotin benefits.

4. Gentle shampooing and the power of deep conditioning:

Shampooing and conditioning

More practical hair care tips include being gentle when washing your hair.Use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner combination to avoid stripping away your hair's natural oils. And remember, there's no need to wash your hair every day. A couple of times a week should do the trick. Once a week, treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask, this will moisturise and strengthen your hair, leaving it feeling soft and looking fabulous.

5. Silk Pillowcases for the Win

Silk Pillowcases

Using a silk pillowcase can work wonders for achieving shiny and healthy hair. Unlike cotton or other rougher fabrics, silk is exceptionally smooth, reducing the friction between your hair and the pillowcase while you sleep. Less friction means less tangling and fewer split ends. The reduced friction also translates to less breakage. This leads to healthier, fuller-looking hair over time.

Silk pillowcases are also delicate on your hair follicles. They don't rough up the outer layer of your hair, which can lead to frizz and dullness.

Incorporating a silk pillowcase into your beauty routine is a part of healthy hair tips that can yield big results.

6. Oil massage to the rescue!

Oil Massage

Oiling your hair is a traditional and effective way to promote healthy hair. It provides nourishment, moisture to your locks. Here's a guide on how to use hair oil which will help with how to keep hair healthy

- Choose the Right Oil

Some popular options include coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and castor oil. Select an oil that suits your hair type and addresses your specific hair concerns.

- Pre-Oil Care

Brush or comb your hair to remove any tangles and knots before applying oil. Warm the oil slightly. Lukewarm oil is more easily absorbed by the hair and scalp.

- Massage

Massaging your scalp during the oiling process not only feels relaxing but also promotes circulation, which can encourage hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. Aim for a 5-10 minute massage for maximum benefits.

- Leave-In Time

Leave the oil on your hair and scalp for at least 30 minutes to a few hours. For a deep treatment, you can even leave it overnight.

Consistency is key when it comes to oiling. Regular oiling over time can lead to stronger, shinier, and healthier hair. Remember that individual hair types and preferences vary, so you may need to experiment with different oils and frequencies to find what works best for you. 

7. Hair supplements and Biotin 

Including Biotin tablets or other supplements such as our Melting Strips for hair which contain essential nutrients and vitamins that support and aid hair growth along with biotin are great and effective hair care tips. These hair supplements often include natural and Ayurvedic ingredients such as Sesbania Agati which is a natural source of Biotin and Vitamin E and Vitamin A that will boost your hair growth. 

Achieving healthier, more beautiful hair is within your grasp. It's all about giving your hair the love and attention it deserves, from the inside out. So, start today, follow these tips, and watch your locks transform into the envy of all your friends. Here's to your crowning glory!

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