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Active Ayurveda

Change your 'life', not your life'style' 

Today, we live in a world that functions at breakneck speeds. And in this rhythm, each one of us has found our very own routine. Whether it’s hopping from work to social meets or zooming from the gym to the movies, we’ve all become adept multi-taskers. But, while trying to do it all, it’s also essential to look after our health and do so sustainably. 

No, we aren’t talking about a massive lifestyle shift or new practices that’ll disrupt your lives. We’re talking about beneficial practices that can easily be woven into your schedules. We’re talking about Active Ayurveda — Ayurveda on-the-go, distilled with traditional wisdom and modern sciences, for maximum results.

What is Active Ayurveda?

Think of Active Ayurveda as one of the most sustainable ways of being healthy. It combines the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda with the modern breakthroughs of science. The result? Accessible, modern wellness offerings that can help you take small steps to a healthier you. Without tweaking your current lifestyles. 

Drawing from the power of compounding that focuses on small steps leading to big results, our Ayurvedic health products provide long-lasting wellness solutions. These can help improve your quality of life in a consistent, easy-to-follow manner. Simply put, we’ve made Ayurveda more comprehensible, by bringing you trusted, organic wellness products in modern formats that you will enjoy adding to your daily routine.

Effective solutions to everyday problems

From poor eye health to poor sleep, this new age is brimming with health concerns. While we could talk about the causes for these, we’d really like to tell you more about the solutions. All so that you can get back to your lives, secure in the knowledge that help is at hand.

At Panchamrit, we work with vetted doctors and Ayurvedic experts to create delicious vegan wellness products designed to prevent and combat multiple health issues. Each product comes with safe, hygienically-sourced Ayurvedic ingredients ranging from ashwagandha to mulethi. These ingredients have rich restorative and preventative powers. What’s more, our products are powered by scientific know-how, making them your ultimate on-the-go wellness solutions.

Easy to carry and consume, our Active Ayurveda products are also most suitable to your busy lifestyles. Whether you’re exposed to high screen time or complaining of an upset stomach, our chewable, plant-based gummies can help you get better. Crafted to prevent and address various concerns, they can easily be popped into your bag, whether you’re travelling or rushing between meetings. Our effervescent tablets too, are great ways to stay healthy on-the-move. Developed to prevent and treat several health concerns, these natural effervescent tablets only need to be dropped and dissolved in a glass of water, before you get sipping. Simply drop, dissolve, drink!

So, whether you choose a gummy, an effervescent tablet, oral melting strips or our other Active Ayurveda offerings, you’re choosing to take small steps each day that’ll effectively transform your life without hampering your lifestyle. Just like we promised.

Ready to begin your journey?

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